Boosting Rankings for EIT Faridabad with Digital Ally's Strategic Approach

Client Overview: EIT Faridabad

EIT Faridabad is committed to providing quality education and nurturing future leaders in the fields of engineering and business administration.

The Challenge

EIT Faridabad approached with the objective of enhancing its online visibility and search engine rankings for key course-related keywords. They sought to secure top positions in organic search results, increase website traffic, and attract more potential students to their institution.

Partnering with Digital Ally

EIT Faridabad joined forces with Digital Ally. We aimed to leverage the power of search engine optimization (SEO) and improve EIT Faridabad's ranking for key industry-specific keywords.

Our Approach

Digital Ally devised a comprehensive and data-driven digital marketing strategy to address EIT Faridabad's challenges. Our team focused on both on-page and off-page optimization techniques to improve the website's search engine rankings.


Digital Ally's efforts produced remarkable results for EIT Faridabad. Over the course of a few months, the institution witnessed a significant improvement in search engine rankings and organic search traffic.

Exemplary Click-Through Rates (CTR)

We are proud to share that EIT Faridabad experienced exceptional click-through rates for their target keywords, as evidenced in the data below:

Month Organic Searches
April 2304
May 3730
June 5915

The implementation of Digital Ally's strategic approach yielded outstanding results for EIT Faridabad. Within a few months, the client's website witnessed a remarkable surge in search engine rankings and organic traffic.

“Keywords Ranking Table”

S.N Keywords Ranking
1. B Tech Lateral Entry Colleges In Faridabad 2
2. Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges In India 5
3. Best College For ECE Faridabad 5
4. Civil Engineering Colleges In Faridabad 5
5. Best Engineering College For Campus Placement Faridabad 6
6. Best College For Civil Engineering Faridabad 7
7. Private Engineering Colleges In Faridabad 9
8. Top BBA Colleges In Faridabad 10

Through a strategic and data-driven approach, Digital Ally was able to empower EIT Faridabad with improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic. The collaboration resulted in the institution achieving higher visibility and attracting more potential students interested in their engineering and management programs.

Digital Ally takes pride in contributing to EIT Faridabad's success and looks forward to helping more clients achieve similar triumphs through their expertise in digital marketing.