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At Digital Ally, we specialize in tracking and improving the performance of your paid media campaigns to drive leads and sales for your business. Our dedicated team of experts focuses on key performance indicators (KPIs) and delivers insightful data-driven reports that uncover gaps and present opportunities for enhancement. We go the extra mile to compile, organize, and compare data, enabling us to understand the effectiveness of your paid campaigns and utilize proven techniques to optimize their results.

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Our team of paid media professionals provides comprehensive analysis and reporting services tailored to your specific needs. Here are the ways we support your success:

  • Detailed PPC Campaign Analysis
  • Granular Reporting
  • Leveraging Google Analytics

Detailed PPC Campaign Analysis

Our PPC experts conduct a thorough analysis to gain valuable insights into the performance of your paid media campaigns. We dive into the minutest details, refining keyword selection and optimizing ad runs. By evaluating ad quality scores, we determine rankings and offer recommendations to secure better ad placements. Understanding the frequency with which your target audience searches relevant queries that trigger the ads allows us to gauge impression share effectively. Additionally, we closely monitor your campaigns to assess your brand's positioning in relation to competitors. Through strategic ad text optimization, we facilitate meaningful engagement with your audience, ensuring a comprehensive analysis that maximizes return on investment (ROI).


Granular Reporting

During the reporting process, we break down campaign results into granular levels, providing a comprehensive overview of their performance. Our reports showcase key business metrics, accompanied by effective recommendations for improvement. We present clear and concise reports, featuring essential takeaways such as clicks, cost per click, click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per conversion, among others. By incorporating analytics and key metrics, we offer brands a complete understanding of the campaign data, empowering informed decision-making throughout the process.


Leveraging Google Analytics

We harness the power of Google Analytics to gain deeper insights into your campaign performance and drive strategic improvements. Our team expertly combines PPC efforts with advanced measurement tools within Google Analytics to achieve smarter goal tracking, a clearer understanding of the audience behind conversions, and enhanced insights into the overall campaign's value. By exploring various reports generated by Google Analytics, such as in-market segment reports, site search reports, referrals reports, geo-location reports, and top conversion paths, we accurately measure campaign success and identify areas for improvement.

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