Digital Ally Empowers KPT Pipes with Top Google Rankings and Increased Click-Through Rates

Client Overview: KPT Pipes

KPT Pipes is renowned for its high-quality PPR (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) pipes and is a key player in the manufacturing sector. With a strong market presence, KPT Pipes aimed to enhance its online visibility and capture a larger share of the digital market.

The Challenge

KPT Pipes's primary goal was to boost its online visibility and establish a strong presence on Google. They wanted to secure top positions for the most important keywords related to their products, especially "PPR Pipes" and "PPR Pipe”.

Our Approach

At Digital Ally, we believe in data-driven strategies that deliver tangible results. We began by thoroughly analysing KPT Pipes's current online performance and keyword rankings. This analysis helped us understand the competitive landscape and identify potential areas of improvement.

Partnering with Digital Ally

KPT Pipes joined forces with Digital Ally. We aimed to leverage the power of search engine optimization (SEO) and improve KPT's ranking for key industry-specific keywords.

The Results

Thanks to the joint efforts of Digital Ally and KPT Pipes, the results were remarkable. Within a few months, KPT Pipes achieved top rankings on Google for highly competitive keywords, such as "PPR Pipes" and "PPR Pipe" This dominant online position not only strengthened their brand recognition but also significantly increased organic traffic to their website.

Exemplary Click-Through Rates (CTR)

We are proud to share that KPT Pipes experienced exceptional click-through rates for their target keywords, as evidenced in the data below:

Month Clicks Impression CTR
Nov 1.81K 91.2K 2%
Dec 1.98K 73.8K 2.7%
Jan 1.88K 67.4K 2.8%

These outstanding CTRs showcase the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategies implemented by Digital Ally for KPT Pipes.

“Keywords Ranking Table”

S.N Keywords Ranking
1. KPT Pipes 1
2. PPR Pipe Manufacturers 3
3. Best PPR Pipes 4
4. PPR Pipes in Delhi 4
5. Best PPR Pipes in India 3